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Tuckpointing Services in Mount Prospect, IL

After years as one of Chicago’s leading masonry contractors, Bart Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors is now in the Northwest suburbs! Chicagoland homes are often composed at least partially from masonry, and the cold, harsh winters mean repairs will be necessary, as with their urban counterparts. Bart Masonry Contractors is an expert at tuckpointing: a masonry repair strategy completed by scraping away old, worn down or crumbled mortar and replacing it with brand new mortar. This keeps your wall strong and beautiful without having to tear down a wall to fix it. Unsure if your wall or structure needs fixing? Contact us for a free estimate.

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Chicagoland homes are brimming with masonry components, from walls to fireplaces, to chimneys, and more! Composed of bricks or other types of stones including marble, granite, limestone, concrete, and more, many of these masonry structures come in direct contact with Chicago’s inclement weather, leading to the need for repairs. Brickwork and stonework can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Any signs of crumbling in the mortar or stones are a signal to bring in the professionals.

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