BART Fireplace Repair, Restoration & Rebuild Services Chicago, IL


Here at Bart, we perform all: fireplace restoration, fireplace repair and fireplace rebuild services. Our services extend to both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces can wear down overtime with exposure to the elements, and with constant use. Chicago fireplaces can face all sorts of inclement weather, especially if they are outdoors. Even indoor fireplaces risk exposure to the elements, with the chimney acting as an access point.

Keeping fireplaces in good repair is necessary, as damaged fireplaces can lead to smoke-filled homes or carbon monoxide poisoning. Our restoration services help bring a damaged or old fireplace back into good repair. We can also assist you in transitioning from a traditional wood burning fireplace to a gas option. In cases of extreme disrepair, we also offer our fireplace rebuild services. This provides you with a brand new fireplace where you can enjoy the sound of a crackling log on a cold winter night.

BART Chimney Repair, Restoration and Rebuild Services Chicago, IL

Performing Chimney Repair in Chicago since 1998!

Bart performs chimney repair, chimney restoration and chimney rebuild services. These are both extremely important services for anyone who has a chimney. Chimney upkeep is an essential part of homeownership. A damaged chimney can cause more than aesthetic problems, it can be a matter of life and death! If you have a fireplace, your chimney safely removes gas and smoke from your home. A damaged chimney can lead to house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.
If you are unsure if your chimney is in good condition, it never hurts to call a professional. Bart has years of experience in this type of work and would be glad to help you out. Our chimney restoration services can help repair damaged chimneys. In extreme cases of disrepair, a full or partial chimney rebuild may be needed. This may consist of completely rebuilding the chimney and fireplace, making it structurally and aesthetically safe and sound.

If your fireplace or chimney needs a repair or total rebuild, Call us or fill the Quick Quote Form.